Free Boiler Replacement Scheme

Free gas boiler replacement

Free boiler replacements are now available in England, Scotland & Wales

Find out if you qualify for a free boiler replacement or replacing your gas boiler with a pay monthly boiler flexible finance plan.

Free Boiler Replacement Scheme

Free Boilers

Free Boilers which reduce Carbon emissions & heat your home more efficiently are currently available in England, Scotland and Wales as part of a new Government-backed free boiler replacement scheme.

The free boiler replacements are available through the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) Free Boiler Scheme. ECO is a new UK Government-backed environmental grant scheme which is funded by the major energy suppliers - British Gas, Scottish Power, Npower, E.ON, SSE and NPower.

The scheme is designed to reduced levels of carbon dioxide emissions released into the environment by old conventional gas central heating boilers. Government funding is available and those who qualify will have a new high-efficiency A-rated condensing gas boiler replacement installed fitted free of charge.

Free Boiler Replacement Government grant scheme
Free Boiler Replacement

ECO runs in parallel with the Green Deal energy-efficiency loan scheme, via which energy companies provide funding to install measures which reduce energy usage in the home, including gas boilers, loft insulation & wall insulation.

The free boiler replacement scheme is part of the Government's Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). ECO is designed to help low income households cut their energy bills and reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by providing replacement gas boilers free of charge.

Free Boiler Installation

Government ECO boiler replacement grants are for energy-efficient, condensing gas boilers, which will reduce the cost of powering your central heating and hot water, which means savings on annual gas / heating bills.

Free boilers for pensioners or older people are still available if you receive State Pension Credits or Working Tax Credits (and are over 60).

A Government boiler grant will not only save you around £2300 in installation costs, it means savings of up to £300 per year on fuel / gas bills.

Energy-efficient gas boilers can heat your property cheaply whilst home insulation products including loft and cavity wall insulation are designed to keep the heat in your home.

Free Boiler FAQ’s

Who is eligible for a free boiler replacement?
As long as you own your own home or you are a tenant living in privately rented accommodation you might be eligible for a 100% free boiler replacement grant to replace your old boiler.
Are boilers 100% free?
Yes, If you qualify there is no payment at all for the supply and installation of a new boiler.
What type of boiler will I get?
At the moment free boilers are only available for gas heated properties. Your new boiler will be a Grade A gas condensing boiler.
How do I apply for a free boiler ?
Too apply for a free boiler submit your details and you will be contacted within a day or two. A qualified Home Energy Assessor will visit you to carry out a quick survey and book a date for your boiler to be installed.
How long will the free boiler installation process take?
Your free boiler is normally installed within 3 – 4 weeks. Free Boiler Application

Save energy and money by installing a new high efficiency combi boiler and pay a small monthly payment - no up front cost your new combi boiler is installed by your energy supplier.

Pay Monthly Boilers

Pay Monthly Boiler Replacement Flexible finance is available for a new boiler installations - find out more about the different replacement boiler payment options - If you do not qualify for a free boiler you may be interested in one of the new boiler replacement flexible finance packages that are currently being offered by installers.

Replacement A-rated condensing gas boilers can be repaid over varied timescales and can cost less than £20.00 per month, which should be covered by savings on domestic fuel bills.

Find out more about replacing your existing gas boiler with a replacement boiler finance plan - Replacement boiler flexible finance.


Free Boiler Replacement

The free boiler element of the ECO grant scheme covers the cost of the supply and installation of new high-efficiency A-rated condensing gas boilers. central heating combi boilers.

Free boiler finance

If you take advantage of the free boiler you could save as much as £490 per year as well as £2300 for the initial cost of the boiler.

Energy Savings

These are estimated figures based on installing a new A-rated condensing boiler and full set of heating controls in a gas-heated home.

Broken Boiler?

Broken boilers are a common problem, especially older conventional boilers. The most common type of complaints for broken boilers are -
    Broken Boiler Symptoms
  • No hot water or heating
  • Pilot light not working
  • Boiler pressure keeps dropping or rising
  • Strange noises coming from your boiler
All of the above could mean your boiler is either broken or is about to stop functioning properly.
In many cases boilers can be repaired but this can prove expensive.
There is a chance that you may qualify for a free replacement boiler. Find out about broken replacement boiler qualification here - Free boiler replacement.