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Wales - Free Boilers  & Insulation Grants


Free  boilers are now available in Wales under a new Government energy grant scheme. The Grade A condensing boilers which are energy efficient and reduce gas bills and carbon emissions are supplied and installed free of charge if you meet the boiler grant criteria.

Free energy saving boilers

The ECO friendly, energy efficient boilers are available throughout Wales under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – Affordable Warmth energy grant scheme. Affordable Warmth runs in parallel with the Green Deal home energy loan scheme, and also provides grant funding for home energy efficiency products throughout Scotland including loft insulation and cavity wall insulation for home owners and private tenants who’s homes do not meet the recommended levels of energy efficiency. Free boilers in Wales

Free boiler grants are available under the Government-backed Energy Company Obligation (ECO). The ECO free boiler grant scheme is aimed at tackling fuel poverty in vulnerable sections of society across the UK.

In addition the free boiler scheme is designed to reduce the levels of carbon emissions being released into the environment.

Government boiler grants are aimed at reducing these emissions by providing energy efficient boilers, which use less gas, releasing less Carbon Dioxide into the environment.

The free boilers also mean savings of up to £500 per year as heating bills are reduced after the boilers are installed in homes.

The boilers carry an A Graded rating in terms of energy efficiency.

Free boiler grants – benefits and savings

Boilers account for 55 – 60 % of your annual heating / energy bills, so installing an energy efficient boiler can mean huge energy savings.

  • A free boiler will the cost of energy bills meaning significant savings
  • Energy efficient boilersreduce  harmful Carbon Dioxide emissions being released into the environment
  • Getting a free boiler includes an up-to-date Energy Performance Certificate for your home
  • Boilers surveyed, supplied and installed free of cost meaning huge initial and annual savings

Free Loft Insulation in Wales

Your home will probably already have Loft Insulation but two thirds of homes in Wales don’t have the recommended level,  270mm or 11 Inches. This is the level of loft insulation needed to stop severe heat loss in the average home.

It is common to assume that your home has effective loft insulation when you are actually spending a fortune on high gas and electricity bills

If your loft is not insulated properly, you are probably losing 25% of heat through your roof. Government grants for loft insulation are currently available for all home owners, landlords and private tenants in Wales who meet the criteria for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Funding.

How does loft insulation work?

Loft insulation is essential. Heat rises in your home and escapes quickly through your loft or attic and out the roof.. This costs us all a fortune as we try to keep our houses warm. Loft insulation make it increasingly difficult for heat to pass through the roof, trapping the escaping heat and effectively “keeping it in”.

The insulation is placed between and across the joists in your loft, and gives you a protective, sealed area in the home, which stays warm for longer. meaning it costs less to heat your home as your central heating or fire can be on for less time.

In most cases the insulation installation process takes less than two hours to complete, depending on the amount of loft insulation needed. Loft insulation is guaranteed for 40 years.

Cavity Wall Insulation in Wales

Cavity Wall Insulation stops heat escaping out through the walls of your home. Around 35% of heat in the average home in Wales is lost through the outer walls of the house. Under the current Government Insulation Grants Scheme, hundreds of thousands of Welsh homeowners, landlords and private tenants qualify for a grant for cavity wall insulation.

How do I get free Cavity Wall Insulation?

Getting a free insulation grant in Wales is a straightforward process. You can arrange an appointment with an authorised Energy Grants Surveyor by  entering your details in the Grant Enquiry Form.

A certified and approved insulation surveyor will then contact you to arrange a cavity wall survey. This involves drilling a small hole in your external wall and looking inside with a boroscope to see if your walls have a cavity and if they already have insulation.

The surveyor will then fill out a grant application and the cavity wall insulation company in your region of Wales will then come and fill your walls.

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