Boiler Flexible Finance

Replacement Boiler Flexible Finance

Gas Boiler pay monthly planReplacement boiler loans. Pay monthly – your energy savings cover the cost

If you do not qualify for a free boiler you may be interested in one of the new boiler replacement flexible finance packages that are currently being offered by installers.

New highly efficient A-rated condensing gas boilers can be repaid over varied timescales and can cost less than £20.00 per month, which should be covered by savings on domestic fuel bills.

Boiler Finance Qualification

To qualify for boiler finance you must be –

  • A home owner
  • Have no current CCJs or IVAs
  • Be in employment
  • Have a household income of more than £15,000

Boiler still a freebie?

You may still get a replacement central heating boiler for free  regardless of circumstances. Estimates suggest that if you have a high-efficiency condensing boiler installed you can save as much as £500 per year on the cost of heating your home. This is for a three bedroom detached house and it will vary depending on your home, but savings of £20 per month (£240 per year) would mean your new ECO boiler is effectively free.

Thousands of households are taking advantage of replacement gas boiler pay monthly flexible plans.

Find out more about replacing your gas boiler with flexible finance.
Replacement boiler flexible finance