Free Boiler FAQ’s

Boiler Grants – Applying for a grant

Why are boiler grants currently available in the UK?

Boiler grants are available as part of the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). ECO provides grants for energy-saving products such as gas boilers and insulation to help the ore vulnerable in society including pensioners and families with children who are on benefits. The ECO boiler grant scheme helps meet the cost of heating your home. The grants are also designed to lower Carbon emissions.

Who is eligible for a free boiler grant?

Boiler Grants are available for homeowners and private tenants throughout the UK. As long as you own your own home or you are a tenant living in privately rented accommodation (and you have your landlord’s permission) you might be eligible for a 100% boiler grant to replace your old boiler.

To be eligible for a boiler grant you must be in receipt of the following benefits

  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (with an income of £15,860 or less)
  • Working Tax Credit (with an income of £15,860 or less)
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Income-Related Employment Support Allowance

If you receive Income Support, Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance or Income-Related Employment Support Allowance one extra condition must also apply from the following.

  • You have a child under 16
  • You have a child under 20 in full-time education (not university)
  • You get Child Tax Credit including a disability element
  • You get a Disabled Child Premium
  • You get a Disability Premium
  • You have a Pensioner Premium
  • You have a Work Related Activity or Support Component (With Income-Related Employment Support Allowance)

If you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit one of the following must also apply:

  • You are 60 years of age or over
  • You have a child under 16
  • You have a child under 20 in full-time education (not university)
  • You have a Severe Disability Element
  • You have a Disabled Worker Element

Are boiler grants 100% free?

Yes, If you qualify for a free boiler grant there is no payment at all for the supply and installation of a new boiler.

What type of boiler will I get?
At the moment the boiler grants are only available for gas boiler replacement. The new boiler will be a Grade A condensing boiler.

What is the process for applying for a boiler grant?

Submit your details and you will be contacted within a day or two. A qualified Home Energy Assessor will visit you to carry out a quick survey and book a date for your boiler to be installed.

How long will the boiler grant application take?
The grant application process through to boiler installation should take around a month. Your free boiler is normally installed within 3 – 4 weeks.

Will I still qualify for other energy grants?
Yes you can still receive grant funding for other products such as loft insulation and wall insulation.

Boiler Grants – Qualification