Boiler Replacement Finance

Replacing your gas boiler for free with a flexible finance plan

Fancy replacing your old back boiler with a high-efficiency combination boiler from Glow Worm or Worcester Bosch? If your gas boiler heating system needs replaced it is worthwhile considering a replacement boiler flexible finance pay monthly boiler replacement plan.

The table below shows the annual energy savings that are possible by installing an energy-efficient A-Grade combi boiler or gas condensing boiler as a new replacement for your old regular conventional back boiler or heating system.

Most gas heating installers and boiler manufacturers are now offering replacement boilers on low interest  flexible finance pay-monthly credit plans which allow energy consumers to spread the cost of  an A Rated Combi or Condensing boiler for around £20.00 per month.

Boiler Type Boiler
Flat Bungalow Terraced Semi-detached Detached
Condensing A Grade Boiler 99%  £186  £234  £242  £270 £368
Heavy weight 55%  £308  £393  £408  £458  £634
Light weight 65%  £266  £338  £350 £393  £542
Yearly cost of heating your home –
Comparison of typical A Grade condensing boilers installed as part of boiler flexible finance plan compared to older less efficient boilers

Pay Monthly Replacement Boiler Finance – FAQ’s

Why has pay monthly replacement boiler finance been introduced?
Flexible finance plans for replacement boilers are part of the Green Deal, a Government-led home energy-efficiency improvement loan scheme.

What type of boiler will I get if I apply for a boiler monthly finance plan?
An A-Grade high-efficiency gas boiler  from one of the UK’s leading boiler manufactures or suppliers – Vaillant, Glow Worm, Baxi Boilers, Ideal Logic etc.

Will my new boiler come with a warranty etc.?
All replacement boilers are installed with the usual manufacturers warranty

If you qualify for a pay monthly boiler finance plan this will be set out in your contract before the boiler installation along with the usual manufacturer’s warranty etc.